Chariot Tarot Card Meaning


chariot tarot card meaning

7 – The Chariot:

Keywords: Opposing forces, hard control, reining in impulses, quelling opposition, being master of our fate, discipline and determination, motion and inertia

There are many possibilities when we take the reins of the Chariot. We can find ourselves pulled in different directions, we can rein ourselves in and exert discipline over our desires, we become powerful and capable of moving great distances with little effort, we can force a coming together for a purpose even though enmity exists between parties or entities. This card represents powerful energy… energy that can get away from us or can be harnessed for our purposes. We can put ourselves in the position of the driver, or we can work at cross-purposes and be one of the horses. So much is possible with this card. Wherever the Chariot energy exists, it is also within the seeker to take the reins and be the driver. It all depends on what role you choose for yourself.

The Chariot Card #7

The Zodiac Sign Cancer Represents The Chariot


Meaning can be of the Win-Lose Message, Take Matters into your Own Hands, Victory Over Your Mind, Emotions, and Actions, Courage, A Driving Force – Sometimes Too Fast-So Take Control, Fortitude and Perseverance, Dominating, Showing Authority, Self-Confidence, Accomplishment Achieved with Effort, Self-Control, Control – Maintaining Balanced Control, Being Driven-Determination, You Need to Focus Completely-Letting Nothing Distract You, Harness Your Power and Talents and Move Ahead, Self-Assertion, Making Progress, A Struggle You Should Not Give Up, Control is Necessary for the Victory, Asserting Yourself, Movement, Maintain a Well Balanced Life., Stay on Course, Healthy Ego, Pay Attention to Details, This is a Go-For-it Card, Victory – Victory Over Life’s Obstacles, Willpower, Overcoming Life’s Obstacles, Beating the Competition, One of Several Roads You Can Take in Life,


Pushy, Rushing to a Decision, Uncontrolled, Stagnation, Channeling Yourself in the Wrong Direction, Must Come to Terms with your own Aggressive Impulses, Quarrels, Being Too Forceful, Over Confidence and Arrogance, Overinflated Ego, Limitations, A Last Minute Loss, Losing your Self-Control, Too Much Pressure to Deal With, Overwhelmed, Overbearing Attitude, Frustrations, Loss of Control, Unbalanced, Too Macho, Trouble, Selfish, Failure to Face Reality, Too Arrogant, Ruthlessness and Aggression, Self-Doubt, Misuse of Abilities, Not able to Face a Particular Challenge, Restlessness, Having Fears, Defeat.

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Susan rice

The Chariot can mean…inner will, free will, anything the seeker sets out to do will be accomplished. Pure intentions, disciplined focus, will overcome anything or anyone that stands in the way of achievement. Triumph, vitality, luck, travel, a journey, success, thrilling adventures, professionalism, confidence, control, willpower, balancing conflickting emotions, transportation, a new car, going with the flow, communications. The Chariot suggest a need to stay centered and take control of competing forces to carry on. Situation will resolve itself in your favor.

Reverse: out of control, failure, overwhelmed, reckless action, imbalance, obstacles, bossiness, difficulities with travel or transport, trip delayed or canceled, a car accident, car problems. Not in control of destiny, plans fall through, lack of self confidence, conflict, arrogance, professional troubles, opposing ideas and aims coming from either self or another, confused and indecisive about what route to take to resolve current situation.

Brianna Stoker

Element: Air Suit: Swords

The Chariot is associated with the element Air, and therefore with Swords. The obvious interpretation is travel, whether by car, bus, train, air, ship, or any other means of travel. It may indicate a holiday, especially in the context of Cups, or in the context of Coins it might indicate a business trip. In a wandey context, maybe a journey to the countryside. There could be a sense of a permanent move. In a coiney context, perhaps changing jobs, in a wandey context, moving house, changing apartments, moving to a new region, or country. The image may indicate a departure, perhaps of the querent, perhaps someone close to him has to leave. The Chariot has a very strong sense of movement. Think of a chariot thundering toward you, perhaps going into battle. It has a strong sense of forward movement, pushing forward, charging forward. It therefore has a sense of drive, ambition, determination, strength of purpose. It might indicate self-confidence, self-belief. It may indicate someone who is very pushy, very persistent, someone who won’t take no for an answer. There may be a sense of barging in, charging forward, muscling in, forcing one’s attentions on someone.

The reversed card may indicate, in terms of the travel aspect, not being able to travel, perhaps due to commitments, or that there is not money available. Stuck in the mud, unable to move forward in a more general sense. It may indicate weakness, lack of drive, no determination, weak-willed, lacking ambition, no sense of purpose, drifting aimlessly. No self-confidence, an inferiority complex. It may indicate arrival. A visitor. It may have a sense of shyness, perhaps insecurity, timidity.

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