Devil Tarot Card Meaning

devil tarot card meaning

15 – The Devil:

Keywords: Materialism, addiction, enslavement, lack of freedom, limitation, our shadow self, the flaws we attempt to hide from ourselves

The Devil card is often interpreted primarily as materialism… as being enslaved to worldly goods. Actually, this enslavement can assume many forms. Anything we do to ourselves, even though we know it isn’t good for us (i.e. using drugs or alcohol… even when it hurts our health, making poor choices to continue in relationships that are toxic). The Devil often relates to short-term thinking, a failure to see how our actions now will affect our future, or not caring about the future enough to make healthy choices. Often this type of thinking accompanies poverty of all kinds. The Devil can also touch on issues we hide from ourselves, areas where we need growth or change but choose not to look at or confront. The Devil card shows two people who are chained, but they appear neither upset about this, nor bound very tightly. I have often heard it said that the people in the image could easily remove the chains from around their neck, but choose not to. Either they don’t realize they can, or they just don’t want to take responsibility for their own destiny. The Devil card highlights for us, areas that need our attention, areas we may be trapped.

The Devil card #15

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Note: This is another card that requires you to use surrounding cards
to determine if it is presented in a positive or negative light.


Losing Independence, Seduction and Sex, Fearing the Unknown, Commitment has Become Imprisonment Rather than Liberation, Inappropriate Behavioral Patterns, Misuse of Power, and Authority, Doubting, Choosing to Stay in the Dark, Obsession, Bondage, Bad Habits, Desire for Material, and Physical Fulfillment, Jealousy, An Unhappy Person that is Too Afraid to Move on, Greed, Bad Outside Influences, A Bond so Tight, it is Hard to be Broken, Addiction, Materialism-Lure of the Material World, Sexuality-Lust of the Flesh, Fear, Negative Thinking and/or Energy, Evaluate your Intentions, Feeling the Burden of the Material Side of Life, Overindulging the Senses, Lack of Your Spiritual Side-Lacking Faith, , Submitting to Another, Possessiveness, Feeling Indebted, Feeling You are in a Rut that your stuck in, Your Journey of Life is Off-Course, Hopelessness, Ignorance, Tied to a Commitment that is Enslaving You-, Temptation of Many Kinds, Devilish Ways, Selfishness,


Beating Addictions, Recognizing and Admitting your Past Mistakes, Making Amends, Being a Free Spirit, Rising Above Human Tendencies and Temptations, Freedom from Pain and Suffering, Divorce, Overall Good Person-With Good Thoughts-and Actions, Beginning of Spiritual Understanding, Enlightenment, Breaking Bad Habits, Having Fun, Release, Breaking Free from the Chains that hold you, Breaking Free from a Situation or a controlling person,

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I see the devil as major entrapment. Feeling or being in a restricting situation and not seeing or not wanting to change a difficult situation.Its a card of lust, money and greed.Sometimes black magic.Being totally preoccupied with money and material possessions to the exclusion to anything else. An obsessive relationship or love relationship that’s not beneficial to both parties. Kinky sex (s&m,bondage),Sometimes it can represent really good sex at times too!Dependency on drugs or alcohol.Addictions.Temptations usually they are not the good kinda temptations. its what people say when they do something bad and get caught “the devil made me do it”. Represents your own fears within a situation. Sometimes feeling like your obligated to someone or something for whatever reason.

Brianna Stoker

Element: Fire Suit: Wands

The Devil is normally a bad card, though the context of the question and the other cards in the spread will clarify it. The interpretations that immediately come to mind are wickedness, evil, malevolence, deception, trickery, temptation. It could represent a malevolent, evil force operating on the querent. Darkness, depression, discord, chaos, confusion. It could be deception, lies, trickery, cheating. Compare the Hanged Man-Reversed. The card may represent evil activity – cruelty, barbarity, vicious behavior. The Devil is often depicted carrying or using chains. If someone is in the grip of the Devil they are in chains, bound, in a figurative sense. Compare the eight of Swords. In a cuppey context it may indicate being tempted to be unfaithful. In a swordey context it may represent a gangster, a gang, racketeering. In a coiney context, a ruthless dictator, a ruthless regime. A ruthless businessman. Perhaps a loan shark. In a wandey context, a cruel, horrible illness. The Devil may indicate the start of a bad cycle, or maybe a turning point within a cycle, though it is likely to be a turn for the worst. A cruel twist of fate. A bad break. Compare the Fool-Reversed and the Wheel of Fortune reversed. The

I said in one of the earlier sections that good cards reversed tend to be bad, whereas bad cards reversed tend to soften the badness, though not reverse it in most cases. We said in the context of the Devil right-side-up that it may indicate being possessed by dark forces, evil, malevolence. The up-side-down card might therefore have a sense of deliverance, redemption, escaping from a malevolent force. An exorcism. A turn for the better in a bad cycle. Release from chains. New freedom. The cruelty aspect might be softened to describe making fun of someone, causing someone embarrassment. Perhaps a fairly cruel but ultimately harmless practical joke. The Devil reversed could hardly be thought of as an angel, in the normal sense at least. But we may want to consider the possibility of the reversed card indicating a sort of dark angel. By this I mean a person, or perhaps a situation, which is inherently good, beautiful, wonderful, but has some flaw or contradiction within. For example, a flawed genius. Someone who produces great paintings, of serene and beautiful quality, but tends to fly into a rage at seemingly innocuous things. A great boxer, who is mild and timid in the normal way of things, but who is a raging beast when he climbs into the ring. This may apply to some footballers too! The flaw might not directly be inside the dark angel. By this I mean a sort of unrequited love situation. You love someone who is very beautiful inside and out, but you can’t have them for some reason. Or perhaps they are promised to someone else. Or it may be that the dark angel does not return your love. In such cases, the reversed card can actually be worse than the right-side-up card.

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