Emperor Tarot Card Meaning

emperor tarot card meaning


4 – The Emperor:

Keywords: Authority, order, law, society, organization of scattered energy

I sometimes have trouble really liking this card. He is the stern authoritarian father figure… although, I tend to take this image probably due to the stern visage my own father often wore… I have to remind myself that this card brings order and stability… that he is a loving protector. The Emperor is sometimes considered the Empress’ counterpart or mate. Where she is giving and nurturing, he is stern and immovable. The many Rams on his throne are a link to Aries. He embodies the Law and societies expectations as taught to us by our fathers… He can bring together many parts into a cohesive whole.

The Emperor card #4

Zodiac Sign – Aries


Support, Stability and Order, Self Discipline and Practical Efforts brings Success, Coordinating, Provider, Ability to Shoulder Responsibility, Sticking to a Plan, Reliable and Devoted, Being Organized, Loose Ends should be tied up, Structure, Honest/Trustworthy, Strength of Will, Games are Played by Rules, Applying Reason, Being in Control / Exerting Control, Bringing Security and Comfort, Creating Order Out of Chaos, Head of the Household, Professional Success, Operating from Sound Principles, Stubborn, Applying Rules or Guidelines, Goals can be Reached, Fathering, Confident, Power/Authority/Leadership, Protecting and Defending, Giving Discipline, Logic Over Emotion, Dependable, Like a Rock, Setting Standards of Behavior, Primary Breadwinner, A Highly Capable Person,

The Emperor can Represent an Encounter with Authority


Lack of Ambition, Mean, Problems with your Father, Husband, or Another Authority Figure, Lack of Self-Control, Feeling Powerless, Rebellion, Someone with a Need for Control, Lack of Self-Respect, Abuse of Power, Lack of Strength, Bossy, Disregarding the Opposite Sex, Immaturity, Untrustworthy, A Loss of Perspective in a Situation, A Dominant Forceful Partner, An Insecure Man Throwing His Weight Around, Failure to Control Petty Emotions, Loss of Authority or Power, Can Say Hurtful Words, Battles with Officials, Irresponsible, Over Dependent, Manipulative Friends or Colleagues., Inability to Reach Goals, Shows Contempt for Any Kind of Order and Rules, Confusion.

The Emperor can Mean that Either You Or a Man of Influence in your Life is Using Bullying Tactics and Being Overbearing

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Brianna Stoker

Element: Earth Suit: Coins

The Emperor, as the Coin Major, or Lord of the Coins he represents the essence of all those things associated with the element Earth and the suit of Coins(Pentacles). He can represent a whole cycle. As the essence of the element Earth, and the suit of Coins, he represents power, wealth, business and finance, political and economic power. The suit of Coins is also the suit of planning and action. He may also represent the larger, major issues concerned with the list above. If he were to occur in a spread in a slot designated as the immediate future, it would indicate that the querent is about to move into an Earth cycle. In order to narrow down the possibilities of the cycle, we need to look at the profession, or interests of the querent, the question, and the other cards in the spread. Although the right-side-up card is generally a good card, it does not necessarily indicate a good outcome to the cycle.

The reversed card suggests a problematic cycle to do with money, business, politics, planning, organizing, action. It may indicate a cycle that is somewhat chaotic, lacking direction, badly planned, disorganized. It might indicate a volatile financial cycle, though not necessarily turning out to be a financial loss. In the case of a querent who is a politician, who is asking about his prospects for re-election, the card, in a ‘Near Future’ slot in the spread, could indicate a difficult, problematic, badly planned campaign, though not necessarily the ultimate loss of the election. In a question relating to business, it could indicate a rocky period, but again, not necessarily ending in disaster. As always, it is necessary to consider the card in the context of the querent, his question, and the other cards in the spread.

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