Hermit Tarot Card Meaning


hermit tarot card meaning

9 – The Hermit:

Keywords: Looking within, alone time, introspection, spiritual seeking, willingness to be a vessel

The Hermit isn’t lonely… He has reached a place where the need for fellowship doesn’t direct his existence. It’s perfectly OK to take time to be alone… to seek higher knowledge. The Hermit may choose to take this time or it may just happen. Sometimes the universe provides what is needed. When faced with time alone, it may feel like a punishment. It is a good time to be willing to obtain knowledge and by so doing, become a vessel to pass the knowledge on to others. We’ve all heard the saying, “Knowledge is Power”. Knowledge that is not shared, dies. Look outside and see what the universe wants to pass on to you.

The Hermit card #9

Zodiac Sign – Virgo


Soul Searching, Giving Up Distractions, Patience, Getting or Giving Advising, Listen to Your Inner Voice, Self-Examination, Spiritual Maturity and Wisdom, A Wise Guide or Spiritual Mentor – This Can Be You Or Someone Else, Thinking Things Over, Instruction From an Expert in your Field, Time on your Own is Needed, Meditation, Looking Within, Much Wisdom and Insight, Peace and Quiet, Solitude, Reflection, Warns against making Hasty Decisions, Trust Your Inner Self, Going into Retreat to Find Something Within Yourself, Discretion and Privacy will be important to you at this time, Guidance, Inner Calm, Seeking Counsel.

Emotional Immaturity, Continuation of Bad Habits, need more self discovery, it can mean u need to get in touch with your inner self, Unwillingness to Explore New ideas, Refusal to Accept Advice, Excessive Isolation, Incorrect Advice, Too Much Ego, Unreasoned Caution, Being active, not being alone, Alienation, mingling, coming out of isolation, Outside Events, A Need of time alone, People, and Situations are Distracting You, Fear and Withdrawal, Not having the wisdom and inner foresight, Withdrawal from One’s Problems with No concrete Plans,

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Brianna Stoker

Element: Water Suit: Cups

The obvious interpretation of the Hermit is isolation, loneliness, reclusiveness. However, although these may be the interpretations in some cases, the Hermit is actually a very interesting card and he presents many more interpretations than these. Notice the staff and the lamp that he is carrying. These suggest help and guidance. The staff to lean on, the light to guide you. He is often referred to as one’s inner light, the soul, the guiding light, the self, the conscience. That something inside us that knows when something is right or wrong. The inner voice that tells us what is the right thing to do. The moral imperative, morality, ethics. He may also indicate introspection, meditation, quiet reflection, contemplation. Extrapolated from this may think of mulling something over, thinking something over. The Hermit also represents memory, memories, the past. He shines his lamp into the dark cave of our sub-conscious. They may be memories that cause pleasure – nostalgia, reminiscing, thinking of ‘happy days’. Or they may be memories that cause pain, haunting, painful memories. Compare the six of Cups(nostalgia) and the six of Cups reversed(haunting, painful). But remember that memories can be very mixed, perhaps recalling happy times spent with someone who is now dead, or perhaps someone you will never see again. Or perhaps remembering times of poverty while sitting at your swimming pool enjoying a Martini. If the Hermit turns up in a reading he might well indicate that the querent is haunted by something from the past. The surrounding cards may clarify this. The Hermit can also be considered in connection with magick. He tends to remind you of Merlin from the Arthurian legends. As well as shining his light on the past, the Hermit can also shine his light into the dark emptiness of the future. He is a seer, a prophet, a clairvoyant. He may represent advice, or an advisor. Possibly a spiritual medium. He may be a teacher, an instructor. A guide, a navigator. Someone who is worldly wise. Age and experience.

The Hermit-Reversed

The reversed card may represent coming out from isolation. An end to a lonely situation. The reversal of the memory aspect may represent living in the past, not being able to move with the times. On the other hand it may indicate forgetfulness, being absent-minded. The advice aspect reversed may indicate bad advice. The Hermit may be someone who will lead the querent astray. Could be deceit, lies, being misleading. The introspection aspect reversed may indicate depression, psychosis, mental illness, delusion, illusion. Someone who is deranged. Compare the Sun-Reversed and Moon-Reversed(both, like the Hermit, associated with Water/Cups.)

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