Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning


Hierophant tarot card meaning

5 – The Hierophant:

Keywords: Organized religion, working with a group, adhering to a code or manifesto, family hierarchy

The Hierophant brings us to the next step in our journey, having come to terms with the authority of our fathers, we now have to learn to function in a group. Organized religion is a good analogy for this, but the energy of this card can be applied across many types of organizations. He can refer to a group of friends or a workplace… Often he comes with an implied ethical code and when you are facing ethical questions, don’t be surprised if this card makes a showing. Familial relationships and their structure can also figure in. Where the Emperor focuses on the authority figure, this card focuses on the group mind.

The Heirophant Card #5

Zodiac Sign Associated – Taurus


Ceremony, Preaching, This Card also Stands for all Institutions and their Values and Rules, Traditions, Faith , My Thoughts, Conforming to Mass-Thinking , Social Approval, Holiness, Mercy , Rules / Laws, The Spiritual Quest / Seeking a Deeper Meaning, Ideals, Conforming To Another Religion, This Card can be an Indicator of Marriage, Religion / Groups, Divine / Spiritual, Spiritual Guide , Inner Wisdom, Consulting a Priest…, Education / Teaching, Worshiping, Religious Guidance, Beliefs / Values, Ritual, Seeking Religion, Orthodox Teachings, Historical Importance , A Seeker After Knowledge and Wisdom, Philosophy, Advice, Order, Conforming, legal Responsibilities and Official Documents, Morals , Believing in God,

Hierophant is a Really Good Card When it Represents a Doctor (When the Question Asked is about Health.)


Beware of First Impressions, Misleading Advertisements, Still Need to Seek the Spiritual Truth, Unable to Change with Times, Gullibility, Deviousness, Imposing Your Beliefs on Others, An Overly-Strict Adherence to the Rules, Confusion, Lack of Faith, Rejection of Family Values, Disorderly Conduct, Rebelliousness, Inherited Prejudices, Slander, Making Your Own Rules, Impotence, Rejection, Rigid Thinking, A Bad Time for Signing Agreements, Bad Advice , Legal Trouble , False Information, Not Wanting to Take More Traditional Options, Unconventional, Overkindness, A Crisis of Faith or Self Belief,

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Brianna Stoker

Element: Air Suit: Swords

The Pope, as the Sword Major, or Lord of the Swords, represents the essence of all those things associated with the element Air and the suit of Swords. He can represent a whole cycle. As the essence of the element Air and the suit of Swords, he represents knowledge, intellect, faith, belief, education, religion. Conflict, struggle, justice, legal issues, crime, war, military issues. Ambition, strength, determination. Swords are also associated with technology, telecoms, information, news. He may also represent the big issues associated with the above list. If the Pope turns up in a reading, say, in a ‘Recent Past’ slot in a spread, it would mean that the querent has recently completed an Air cycle. If the querent is a student, it may be that the Pope in the ‘Recent Past’ slot indicates the completion of a course. But remember that any card can overflow its element or suit, depending on the context – the querent, the question, the surrounding card. If the card turns up in a reading where the querent is asking a question to do with love and romance, then the Pope turning up in a ‘Recent Past’ slot may indicate that the querent has been through a period of conflict in a relationship.

The reversed card suggests that a period of recovery from a period of conflict and struggle. Remember that the right-side-up indicates, among other possibilities, conflict and struggle. In very general terms reversed cards turn good things into bad things, but turn bad things into not so bad as they were original. So reversed struggle doesn’t normally indicate a very carefree easy time. Rather, that the querent has come through the struggle, or is managing to control things. If you think about the Sword suit cards, ie the minor arcana cards, most of them are pretty bad. It may indicate a cycle where the querent has no faith or belief. Perhaps no faith in himself.

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