Lovers Tarot Card Meaning


lovers tarot card meaning

6 – The Lovers:

Keywords: Adult choices, love and passion, heart over mind, connections between people, yin and yang, duality

The Lovers is the next step in our growth as we make adult choices. Having worked with authority and with groups, we now need to step into being in charge of our own environment. The Lovers is assumed to depict romantic love, and it certainly can do that. More often, however, it shows us where a choice (and sometimes a difficult one) must be made. Often when making difficult decisions we find ourselves torn between where our hearts would lead us and what common sense would choose. It is at this point that we decide whether to throw caution to the winds and dive in or take a more cautious tack. This card also speaks of opposing forces, although not as obvious or as energetic as what we’ll see in the Chariot.

The Lovers card #6

Zodiac assigned to Lovers is Gemini


Deep Love / Passion, An Intimate Relationship But Not Always a Sexual One, Marriage, Commitment, Your Heart Rules your Head, Trust, Physical Attraction, Sex, Attraction, Beginning of a Romance Relationship, Being Intimate, Importance Choice, Genuine Relationships, Union, Choices / Decisions, Desire, Making a Connection with Someone, Harmony,


Indecisiveness, Frustration in Love, Separation / Break-Up, Being Unfaithful to Your Own Morals, Deception, Lack of Commitment, Problems in Romance/Love/Relationships, Untrustworthy, Disharmony, Temptation, Bad Choice, Love Affair, A Relationship Based on Sex-Rather than Love, Love Triangle, Not Finding Love, Lust, Obsessive Relationship, Need to Stabilize the Emotions, Infidelity, Being Alone-Not Finding a Partner, Possibility of a Wrong Choice, A Relationship that is Loveless, Lack of Love.

A Warning Not to Make Important Decisions at this Time

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This card can mean union of opposites, duality, it’s about choice, decisions that sometimes concern a love affair. Sudden and unexpected changes in a relationship, adjustments in your love life that work in your favor, choice between security and some sort of personal risk. Hesitation about an important decision. It’s about attraction, love, harmony, soulmates, sharing, romantic adventure, thoughts of love and marriage. Could mean a short trip, reviewing an important relationship, choosing one or two divergent paths. Health, healing, need for healing either physical or spiritual. This card cautions you to consider carefully all the ramifications of a major decision before making a final commitment.

reverse: could mean failing a test, end of love, fear of commitment, refusal to make an important decision, infedelity, fickleness, sex without love, marital problems, divorce, seperation, health problems, illness, disagreements, a troubled relationship, hurt feelings, betrayal, jealousy, temptation, unappeased desires, difficult choice, lack of proper communication.

Brianna Stoker

Element: Fire Suit: Wands

The Lovers are associated with the element Fire, and therefore with Wands. Some would argue that the Lovers should come under the element Water, and therefore Cups, since they obviously represent love, romance, friendship. However, Wands indicate fertility, reproduction, sexuality, home and hearth, growing families. So there are convincing arguments on both sides, but in my system, I have put them in association with Fire and Wands. As well as the obvious interpretation of love, romance, marriage, the Lovers may also indicate friendship, partnership, co-operation. They may also indicate harmony and balance. They may just be an indicator of two things coming together. For For example, in a coiney context they may indicate a business merger, or a business partnership. Also in a coiney context, they may indicate a coalition involving two political parties sharing power. In a swordey context, they might indicate a military alliance, or telecommunications. Also with swords, it may indicate a legal contract. Or an agreement in general terms. Could indicate a compromise. Another option would be a ‘double act’, like president and vice president, manager and assistant manager, Lone Ranger and Tonto, Yogi and Booboo.

The reversed card may indicate a relationship, marriage, or friendship that is having problems. It may be the break-up of a relationship, friendship, or marriage. Possibly a partnership that is in trouble, or breaking down. There could be a sense of a bad contract, or an unfair contract. There might be a sense of disagreement, discord, argument, especially in the context of swords. In a cuppish context it would mean discord in a relationship. Rows, arguments, separation. There could be a sense of being unfaithful, playing around, flirting. In a coin context, there could be a sense of a coalition between two political parties falling apart, or having major problems.

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