Moon Tarot Card Meaning

moon tarot card meaning

18 – The Moon:

Keywords: Fear, the lunar cycle, evolving, animal instincts, dreams and imagination, fantasy, our psyche, the subconscious, confusion, disorientation

The Moon and her eerie light casts shadows that we laugh off during the light of day. As children, the shadows on our wall become scary bears or monsters under the bed. We see the dog and the wolf on this card, our instinctual/animal side and our civilized one. We are both… which side will win? Out of the water comes a crustacean… will he evolve to a higher life form? The lunar cycle affects us all, directing the tides of our planet and much more. This can be disorienting and confusing. The Moon is a powerful force, one we cannot escape. Since we are so bound, let’s look to how the Moon can empower us. Dreams and imagination come from this mystical body, the ability to dream of what’s never been done, the creation of songs before they are played on an instrument, a literary work still in the author’s head, even architectural marvels, new medical miracles… all just waiting to be imagined, for that initial spark. This is the place of the Moon. The word “lunatic” is derived from the Latin luna “from the belief that lunacy fluctuated with the phases of the moon” ( It is said that we use only 10 percent of our brains. The Moon governs the other 90.

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Brianna Stoker

Element: Water Suit: Cups

The moon is a symbol of the mind. But not in the Sword sense, which covers intellect, knowledge, understanding, education. Rather, the Moon covers the deeper, more subtle areas of the mind – the subconscious, dreams, intuition, memory, conscience, introspection. The Moon signifies doubt, uncertainty, lack of clarity, shadows, twilight, murky depths, grey areas. It also has a sense of the past, memories, perhaps haunting memories, perhaps nostalgia. Compare the Hermit. There is also a sense of inspiration, imagination, in a creative artistic sense, as well as a fantasy sense. The Moon represents inner motivations, desires that are under the surface. Motivations and desires that the querent may not be fully aware of. It could indicate someone who is unsure of themselves, lacking self-confidence, full of self-doubt. It could indicate someone who has no clear idea of what he/she wants, or where he/she is heading. It may have some supernatural aspects, such as premonition, seeing the future in dreams. Possibly clairvoyance, prophecy, foretelling the future. The Moon may represent irrational fears. Afraid of the dark, worried by shadows, silhouettes. It could indicate worry and anxiety, possibly mental unease due to stress or pressure. There may be a sense of mistrust, or cynicism. Perhaps also a the sense of deceit, deception, falseness.

The reversed card does not reverse the doubt and lack of clarity aspects of the moon. Rather, it may either have a sense of emerging from the darkness, as if now lit by a full moon, or, the doubt and lack of clarity could be intensified, as in a new moon, or perhaps in the sense of dark clouds shrouding the Moon’s weak light. There could be a sense of disillusion, loss of faith. There could be a sense of disloyalty, betrayal. As far as the inspiration, imagination aspect is concerned, the reversed Moon may indicate no inspiration, no imagination. The irrational fear aspect might be intensified, leading to paranoia, depression, psychosis. The moon has traditionally been associated with mental illness, hence the word lunacy derived from lunar, originally from Latin, I think. So we may add schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, craziness, madness, delusions. There could be hallucinations, seeing visions, demons, gargoyles and the like. The worry and anxiety aspect may degenerate into horror, terror, chilling fear. The supernatural aspects may be intensified to witchcraft, the black arts, satanism, magick and wizardry. This might include spells, rituals, incantations.

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