Star Tarot Card Meaning

star tarot card meaning17 – The Star:

Keywords: Hope (even when there appears to be no reason to hope), faith, rest, rejuvenation, centering, opening your heart, tranquility, healing, the light at the end of the tunnel

After all these difficult cards on the Fool’s Journey, we find the Star… the card of hope and healing. These dark cards were necessary, but painful. Now it’s time to look up and find that there is still hope and charity in the world, that you can trust again. Your irritating neighbors show up on your doorstep with supplies during a snowstorm, your lost pet finds it’s way home, the guy you accidentally hit in the parking lot calls and says his bumper is already fixed and it didn’t cost anything. Hope springs eternal… This time is a necessary time for rest and rejuvenation. There is more work to be done, but for now, do something kind for yourself and one other person. Enjoy the serenity and gentleness of this card…

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Brianna Stoker

Element: Water Suit: Cups

The Star is a good card. Indeed, It is very hard to imagine any situation in a spread where it would be considered a negative or bad card. The Star is very much a card of the future. A symbol of hope, a chink of light appearing in the darkness, a light at the end of the tunnel. Compare the Wheel of Fortune. Looking forward to something with hope, anticipation, excitement, enthusiasm. Even in a past slot in a spread, it still points to the future. It is a guiding light. Compare the Hermit, who, incidentally, shares the same elemental and suit associations as the star. It points to good luck not too far away, approaching good fortune, the fates are going to be kind to the querent. Even when the card appears in a pretty awful spread, the Star suggests that there will be a silver lining. At least something good will come out of the situation. The star has the sense of something good being on the horizon, or not far beyond the horizon. The Star also has a sense of tranquility, calm, peace and quiet, enjoyment of relaxation, things going at a leisurely pace. But definitely not stagnation or inertia. In association with travel cards like the knights or the Chariot it could indicate a holiday, especially a leisurely lying-on-the-beach holiday, or an ocean cruise. There is also a sense of contentment. Lounging by the pool sipping Martinis on warm balmy nights kind of contentment. Also suggests not having a care in the world.

Reversed it is generally a pretty bad card. The sense of future in the symbol still remains in the reversed card. The reversed Star suggests despair, hopeless, pointless, no point in continuing. There are no chinks of light, only darkness, no light at the end of the tunnel. Just utter hopelessness. Compare the eight of Swords. The future looks black, empty, even threatening. The reversed Star also indicates disruption, instability, chaos, uncertainty, insecurity. A sense of unhappiness, discontent, dissatisfaction also permeates the image. Compare the four of Cups. There may also be a sense of foreboding. Bad luck is on the horizon, or just beyond it. The fates are going to be cruel to the querent.

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