Sun Tarot Card Meaning

sun tarot card meaning

19 – The Sun:

Keywords: Joy, happiness, energy, lightness of spirit, carpe diem (seize the day), health, brilliance and prominence

The sun, oh blessed morning! After what some authors call “the dark night of the soul” (The Moon card), we wake to sunny skies and joyful existence! Full of energy this Sun, banishing all the eeriness of the night without effort. This is the energy that enables leaping out of bed to embrace whatever the day will bring. This energy is so strong and vibrant we feel it in our bones. This is singing and whistling energy… the world opens up to the possibilities we have dreamt. We can shine! We are amazing! Now if only we couldn’t all get up with this kind of strength… How many of us are actually morning people? I’m not! I think if I had to choose one card, the Sun or the Moon, which is more prominent in my life, I would have to say I’m more akin to the Moon. It doesn’t mean we don’t have sunny days, we moon folk… But we may see the Sun less in our spreads and feel less of its influence. In the world, there is a need for all kinds of people… we all experience joy and sorrow, pain and suffering, happiness and love. If today is not a sunny day for you and yet this card shows up in your spread, be aware that you may have to work a little to tap into this joyful energy. Sit down and spend 5 or 10 minutes meditating on this card… if you can enter the card and listen to what it has to tell you, do it! You may find a secret to tapping into its energy. The reason the card has come up in your spread is that this energy IS around you… it’s a matter of learning how to connect.

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Brianna Stoker

Element: Water Suit: Cups

In my system, the Sun is associated with the element Water and hence the suit of Cups. Some would not agree with this, but it fits well into my system. The Sun is a great card. Arguably, the best card in the deck. Compare the ten of Cups, which is the minor Arcana equivalent to the Sun in terms of its joy. The Sun is generally regarded as a bright new dawn. The start of a new cycle of happiness and prosperity. However, this is only one aspect. The sun could represent just happiness and joy in a general sense, with no implication of starting point. In fact the sun covers either the beginning, middle, or end of a cycle. It can indicate a happy new dawn, a happy stage in someone’s life, or a happy ending, a happy completion. And like a smiley, the Sun is always smiling, always happy, always joyous. As with the Star, it is very hard to imagine a circumstance in which the Sun would be a bad card. The sun encapsulates all of the happiness, love, joy, pleasure, enjoyment, fun, and entertainment of Cups and Water. It may represent a party, a celebration, a dance. Compare the three of Cups. But, as with the Moon, the Sun has many layers. There is a sense of great inner joy, spiritual fulfillment. Great warmth and radiance come from it. The Sun can represent great beauty, both in the inner spiritual sense and in the outer more superficial sense. The Sun represents honesty, integrity, sincerity, devotion, goodness, genuineness, caring, affection. It also represents clarity, certainty, clear thinking, clear direction. There is also a sense of good humor, good spirits, high spirits. A happy mood. It also has a gushy enthusiastic sense – thrilled, delighted, excited.

Unfortunately, the Sun-Reversed is a really bad card. Sunset, the going down of the sun, the onset of darkness is one interpretation. In association with the Death card, or the four of Swords, the ten of Swords, or the three of Cups reversed it may actually indicate real physical death. Actually, the Sun-Reversed is a much worse card than the Death card. In my system, at least, the Sun right-side-up is the best card in the whole Tarot deck, but the Sun-Reversed is the worst one. For me, the Sun can indicate meltdown. Losing it all. There are worse things than death in this life. This card is a personal holocaust, a personal armageddon. Meltdown, ruin, crushing failure, bitter defeat. It suggests losing everything – your home, your family, your business, your friends, all your money, perhaps added to that all your confidence, all your self-belief – absolutely everything. All lies in ruins, and there seems no redemption. The loss is irredeemable, complete, and ruinous. It is, in short, as bad as it gets. I know, it happened to me. The reversed card has a sense of deep depression, dark days, a very bad, distressing situation. In association with the ten of Swords reversed, and any of the other death cards it might indicate suicide, or at least serious contemplation of suicide. In extreme cases, it may be that the Sun-Reversed indicates, figuratively speaking, the light of the world going out. Eclipse. Plunged into darkness. Depending on the surrounding cards it may indicate the death of a spouse, child, or parent. At least, for whatever reason, the loss of someone very close.

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