World Tarot Card Meaning

world tarot card meaning

21 – The World:

Keywords: Fulfillment, completion, arrival, abundance, wholeness, gratitude

The dancer on the World card leaps through the opening with joy, she is constantly moving and you won’t find the grass growing under her feet. Though she has reached a place of fulfillment or accomplishment, it doesn’t stop there. When we speak of the Fool’s Journey, and setting out on this path we tread, it refers to both the journey of our life and the smaller journeys within that life. We go through the series of cards both once and many times (and not necessarily in order). There is no stopping at that one place we hope to achieve, it is simply a transition to the next phase. All the elements come together in a harmonious place for this time of transition. We have achieved! We have succeeded! We have braved the dark and not floundered! We have beaten our illness! We have broken a bad pattern! Because we all move through our stages of this life differently, and because we all have different destinies, don’t feel that this time must measure up to someone else’s scale of success. For some of us, the World would mean we are still breathing… for others the fulfillment of their life’s dream. Be thankful for this period.

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I see freedom and relaxation, particularly after a trying effort (not an easy “journey”).It is almost like a “whooo – it’s all over!”


The World…to me means accomplishment, success, you’ve attained
what you’ve been working towards. Epitomy, well being, world travel
or just travel of any kind, celebrating, because it dipicts a person
woman dancing. She almost reminds me of the fool because he doesn’t
have a care in he world, well in the rider waite the woman dancing
looks like she hasn’t a care and she’s in mid air so that seems to me
like she’s on cloud nine, just happy! That is the meaning I would
give this card by itself.
The World Card:

My thoughts:

on cloud nine
full circle

Brianna Stoker

Element: Earth Suit: Coins

The World represents completion. The end of a cycle . It normally indicates success and achievement. The culmination of someone’s efforts. It also has a sense of recognition. Friends, colleagues, peers recognizing and applauding your achievement. Compare the six of Wands. It has a sense of being rewarded. Achieving what you have been working for. It can mean a synthesis of various strands of the querent’s life, everything falling into place, everything coming together at last.

The reversed card indicates failure, especially failure to complete something. Failure to bring something to a final conclusion. Unable to achieve recognition from friends, peers, society at large. It may mean going unrewarded and unrecognized even after having some success. It has a sense of being unfulfilled, disappointed, dissatisfied.

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