Three of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

three of cups tarot meaning

Three of Cups


togetherness, Socializing, bonding, Celebration, with friends and loved ones, sharing, Joy, can indicate drinking, bursting with energy,


not going out, lack of good times, loneliness.

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Brianna Stoker

The three of Cups depicts three figures coming together to make a toast. The three figures are celebrating. The immediate impact is that this is a very good card, indicating success, joy, celebration. Health, wealth, and happiness coming together in a happy fusion. But this is also an interesting card, in that it is not only a Cup card, but also a Wand card. Notice that two of the figures are wearing garlands on their heads. Garlands with voluptuous grapes hanging from them. One of the figures is holding a bunch of grapes. Just near the figures are small bushes with ripening fruit hanging from their branches. And in the foreground, yet more fruit. There are a number of cards in the Tarot deck that have this mixing of Wands with other suits. Other examples are the seven of pentacles, where coins are hanging from a vigorously growing plant, and the nine of pentacles, which has lots of voluptuous grapes hanging from the bushes in the background of the image. Wands represent health, vigor, vitality, abundance, prosperity, so their inclusion in a cup card, especially a happy cup card has a very strong impact. The image may represent several things coming together, as the pieces of a jigsaw falling into place. As we are in Cups, it could be a film director, producer, and leading actor coming together to make that really special film, the film that has magic, has everything, becomes a great classic. In a very coined context the image could mean all the pieces falling into place to form a business. Getting the finance, the management and the marketing together for example. Generally putting together a good team. If you look carefully at the image, you will notice that one of the three figures does not have a garland of grapes on his/her head. This may indicate that the querent is not quite fulfilled. Perhaps he/she is trying to join in the celebrations but somehow feels a little bit left out. Still, apart from this slight shadow, it remains a very good card.

3 of Cups-Reversed

When Wands mix with Cups, it makes for exceptionally good and happy images. Unfortunately, when these cards are reversed, they seem to be very bad. The 3 of Cups reversed is indeed a bad card. Instead of people coming together to celebrate, they are coming together to lament, to mourn. The reversed card could symbolize a funeral. Perhaps members of a family coming together in hospital to sit at the bedside of someone seriously ill.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Abundance
Element: Water
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Decan: Mercury in Cancer; July 2 – 11
Thumbnail Meaning: Abundance, prosperity, celebration, shared joy.

The 3 of Cups is a card of exuberance. It represents happiness, especially an abundant happiness. The first giddy rush of young love, the blooming flowers of spring, a joyful celebration––all these are represented by this card.

This is the state that so many utopians hope to make eternal. Most religions describe heaven as some version of it. When you’re depressed, you can imagine that every idiot feels this way, while you and you alone see through it all.

The Rider-Waite tarot’s image for this card recalls the Three Graces, Greco-Roman goddesses of creativity, beauty, fertility and charm. This image is clearly inspired by the Three Graces in Botticelli’s painting Primavera, an allegory of spring

This card brings to mind the gaiety and plenty of springtime, as well as the celebrations that traditionally accompany it.

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