Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

3 of pentacles tarot card emaning
3 of Pentacles


Employment, Rewards for a Job Well Done, Job Satisfaction, Trade, Skilled Labour, Success through Effort, You are an Expert in your Field, Good Time to start a Project, Skillful Work is Both Awarded and Appreciated, Religion, the Fruits of Labor, This is the card of the Businessman- Craftsman and Merchant., Successful Ventures are being Planned., Artistic Ability, Labor, Success Gained through Hard Work and Effort, Listening to Others and Excepting what they have to Offer, Dedication, Coordinating with others, Nailing Down the Details, Functioning as a Unit, Show of your Skill, Represents Hard Work, A Group of People Working Together toward Common Goal, Proving your Ability, Pursuing your Dreams,


Lack of Ambition, Work of Poor Quality, Quality in Workmanship is Neglected, Not Realizing your Potential, Not allowing others to help, Dismissing Sound Advice, Lack of Skill, Can mean not working and expecting the world to take care of you., Loss of Interest, Wasting Talent., Inattention to Detail, Lack of Religion, Conceit, Sloppiness, Trouble at Work, Money Lost Due to Poor Business Practice, Effort that Yields Disappointing Results, Not being open to others ideas, Lack of Enthusiasm and Self-Confidence, Pettiness, Doubting the Path you have Chosen,

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Brianna Stoker

This card depicts three figures. One is standing on a stool, apparently carrying out some repairs or improvements, the other two figures are watching him. He seems to be talking to them, perhaps informing them of his progress so far, perhaps explaining to them what he is doing. The image has a very weak immediate impact. It seems to have the sense of repair and maintenance. Fixing something. Making improvements. It may be that the building is symbolic of a business. Perhaps the querent is having a bit of a rethink. Repairing has the sense of putting right, making better. Possibly the image indicates that the querent is refocussing his plans, either financial or business. Looking again at the direction he is taking. Perhaps his general direction in life. The image may symbolize dealing with problems, quietly and efficiently. Perhaps pulling three or more strand together and taking control, rather like taking the reins of a horse. The image could represent reconsidering an option. Perhaps reconsidering a request by someone. Reconsidering a proposal. In short, a rethink, a focus, a direction adjustment, a slight change of course, a sorting out of problems. Dealing with issues.

The reversed card may indicate tinkering, pottering around to no great benefit. Could indicate interfering with something that is working out perfectly well on its own. Trying to fix something but doing more harm than good. The image could indicate sabotage. Deliberate damage. Vandalism, graffiti. Chipping away at something in order to do damage. A deliberate spanner in the works.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Material Works
Element: Earth
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Decan: Mars in Capricorn; December 31 – January 9
Thumbnail Meaning: Commitment, determination, dedicated effort, love of work.

The Three of Pentacles is a card of desire, dedication and persistence. All three of these qualities are required in any major endeavor, such as raising a child, maintaining a marriage, running a company or creating a work of art.

These “material works” cannot be done quickly and efficiently, but they are tremendously rewarding if you put enough effort into them.

The key to this card is “love of work.” Whether you are planning, strategizing, working with teammates or alone, it’s love that makes extra dedication and persistence possible.

This card can refer to:

Working patiently towards a goal
Sticking it out despite difficulties
Fulfilling work
Handling difficulties
Throwing oneself into a project

This is not necessarily a card of “working your rear end off.” It can refer to the conditions necessary for truly inspired work to happen. Reversed, it can even symbolize (gasp!) laziness. When coupled with a card like the Three of Wands or the Six of Cups, it’s a very auspicious card, and signals a productive period still to come.

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