Three of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

three of swords

Three of Swords


Discovering a Painful Truth, Being Let Down-Letting Someone Down, Separations, Absence, Removal, Sudden pain, Suffering, Being Deserted in Time of Need, Feeling Isolated from those you Love, Tears, Now at its Worst-Or about to Face, An Emotional Outburst, Rejection, Heartbreak, Cardiac Health, Getting Stabbed in the Back-Turning Against Someone, Broken Promises, Conflict, Quarrels, Betrayal, Finding your Trust Misplaced, Getting some Unsettling News, Rifts in Partnerships, Loss and Disappointment, The Situation that the Seeker is Facing is, Sorrow, Hurting Inside, Tormenting Yourself with Visions of Disaster., Having your Feelings Hurt-Hurting Someone’s Feelings, Breaking Your Word,

NOTE: Even something as Minor as a Snippy Remark can Feel this Way.

This card can also represent
that it is the seeker who is the one responsible for causing the pain to others.


Mental Anxieties-Mental Alienation, End of an Alliance-Partnerships Dissolved, Dwelling on Past Hurts, Distraction-Confusion, Slow Recovery, Recovery from a Loss, Spiritual and Mental Confusion, Incompatibility, Change of Mind causes Arguments., Mistakes Made Amid Confusion, A Broken Promise,

Same as above upright meanings, but not as severe
the ending of the upright meanings..calming down…

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Brianna Stoker

This card depicts a red heart pierced and ran through with three swords. Further inspection reveals that the sky is gloomy and cloudy, and it is pouring with rain. The image is very striking and immediately brings to mind a broken heart. It suggests severe emotional hurt. Pain, betrayal, humiliation. The bitter end of a relationship or friendship. There is a strong sense that the hurt could be the result of unfaithfulness. The triangle(the symbol for 3) is in this case a love triangle, and the querent is the victim. It may also indicate the collapse of a relationship or friendship as a result of several problems converging or fusing together, and finally causing a breaking point. As well as a strong sense of betrayal, the card also has a sense of assassination, and, even betrayal and assassination combined. This may not mean assassination in the literal sense. May be character assassination. Back stabbing. In the literal sense, think of the assassination of Caeser. He’s lying on the ground, drenched in blood, the knives of the assassins sticking out of his body, and his best friend, Brutus, sticks the final knife in. The card has a sense of people you trusted, who you thought were your friends, plotting against you, slandering you behind your back.

The reversed card indicates recovery from hurt, humiliation, or pain, though this does not necessarily indicate a complete recovery. Perhaps more a sense of a broken heart that is mending. The reversed card may also indicate that the querent is actually the perpetrator of the hurt. That the querent has been unfaithful, or betrayed a friend.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Sorrow
Element: Air
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Decan: Saturn in Libra; October 3 – 12
Thumbnail Meaning: Melancholy, heartbreak, separation, pain.

Another uplifting card from the Swords suit. The Three of Swords represents human suffering, especially suffering of the mind.

There’s no sugarcoating it. This card points to some pain or misfortune. This pain might not be so acute as utter despair, but it still hurts.

The design of the Rider-Waite tarot’s Three of Swords comes from the Sola Busca tarot, which Pamela Colman Smith saw while she was working on the cards. Smith added clouds and rain to the background, making the sorrow and heartbreak even more apparent.

In other tarot decks, the three swords on this card cross, meet at the points or form a triangle.

In the Golden Dawn tradition, “the central sword cuts asunder the rose of five petals, which in the previous symbol grew at the junction of the swords; its petals are falling, and no white rays issue from it.” Since the previous card is the Two of Swords, “Lord of Peace Restored,” this image suggests a peace destroyed.

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