Three of Wands Tarot Card Meaning


three of wands tarot card meaning

Three of Wands


Successful ventures launched, Taking the long view, Growth, Expansion, Plans and Ventures that are moving ahead, Established Strength, Goals achieved but there is more to accomplish, Expanding horizons, Looking for greater possibilities, Satisfaction, Co-operation in Business, Eventual fruition, Knowing what to expect, Planning ahead, Realization of hope,

Failure of a promising looking enterprise, Conceit, Offers of assistance may come with ulterior motives, More Work to do, Adversity, Caution against Pride and Arrogance, Disappointment, Lack of communication between dreams and reality, Striving for unattainable goals, Mistakes are made through carelessness, Failure to put plans into action, Great plans that do not come to fruition, Scatter energies,

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I see a man watching his ships depart for distance lands for commercial purposes. The man is holding one wand with two others in back of him. In readings, I think this card can mean that a partnership is forming or that the querent has set the wheels in motion for business, love or some project and it is time to sit back and wait and see what happens.

Brianna Stoker

This card depicts a figure standing atop a high cliff looking out toward the ocean, and down at the ships in the bay below. Behind him, two wands are sticking upright into the ground, the third wand he holds in his hand. The two Wands stuck into the ground symbolise the querent’s achievements in life thus far. Yet the fact that he stands on a high cliff suggests that he has had a tough climb to get where he is. But he has come through his trials successfully. Now, at the top of the cliff, he looks down at the ships in the bay. These may represent new opportunities for the querent. The card suggest optimism. The querent has struggled to lay the foundations for success, and now looks forward to the future in a positive frame of mind. The card may also indicate that mind, body, and spirit are fused into a healthy and vigorous combination.

The reversed card may indicate that the querent is floundering. Instead of overcoming problems and reaching the top of the cliff, he is struggling up a steep slope, breathless and exhausted. The querent has an uphill struggle, and things seem to be stacked against him. He has a mountain to climb if he is to overcome his difficulties. Perhaps the querent has already struggled to the top of the hill, only to start sliding back, unable to maintain his hard-won position.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Established Strength
Element: Fire
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Decan: Sun in Aries; March 31 – April 10
Thumbnail Meaning: Accomplishment, enterprise, integrity, focused action.

The Three of Wands is one of the most complex cards in the tarot. Peruse any tarot dictionary and you will find interpretations all over the map. Let’s cut through the confusion and discuss the symbolism first.

In the Golden Dawn tradition, the Three of Wands is a card of “established strength.” This is symbolized, in the Rider-Waite tarot, by a man looking out over a sea while holding fast to a wand.

The sunset makes the sea look like it’s on fire. Three miniscule ships sail on the sea below him. He cannot control their course, though he may have set them in motion.

Unlike the previous card, here the potential for action has been partly realized. Force, strength and the will to power are demonstrated, in ways such as this:

Taking the leading role
Responding assertively to new events
Creating something new
Planning ahead
Meeting and overcoming obstacles

All positive things. But what is the negative part? That would be pride:

Treating underlings in a callous or cruel manner
Practicing “social darwinism” while preaching “total equality”
Talking left and earning right (or vice versa) when it’s good for business
Planning ahead…to do something malevolent
Believing that one’s success is completely determined by one’s good characteristics.
Leading people towards an abyss
Focusing on the ideal and not the reality

Remember that hard work, persistence and shrewdness are necessary but not sufficient for success. While this is a great card to draw, a dash of humility and a pinch of perspective are needed as well.

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