Two of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

two of pentacles tarot card meaning
2 of Pentacles


Taking time to play, Refusing to let Change Throw You, Recreation, Feeling like you are Walking a Tightrope Financially., Fluctuation Fortunes, Changing Directions Easily, Adapting Quickly, Cruising the Ups and Downs of Life., The need to be careful handling established business., Transformation, Alteration of Gain and Loss, getting a kick out of life, Alteration of Joy and Sadness, Skill, Trying to Make Ends Meet, Having a lot of irons in the fire, Doing something you enjoy, Having to Juggle things Financially, A High-Energy Card, Handling Challenges, Need to Balance many Skills. (when Planning Ahead), A Warning Against Purchasing Items on Credit., The Ability to Handle Multiple Situations, A Message, Can Handle Unlimited Problems, Keeping Everything in Balance, Balance your Checkbook, Seeing the Possibilities, Coping with Demands, Flexibility, Alteration of Weakness and Strength.


Over-Indulgence in Physical Pleasures or Drunkenness, Disorganization, Debt, Stressed, Unable to Maintain Finances, Not having Fun Or Way too Much , Finances are worse than upright, Expect a Discouraging Message, Not Handling Change Well, Checkbooks are Not Balancing, out of control, Difficulty with Handling Problems, Discounting Warnings of Impending Trouble, Losing Control of a Situation., Low Energy.

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Brianna Stoker

This card depicts a figure apparently juggling with two large coins. The image possibly represents weighing up two financial options, perhaps whether to go for a safe bank deposit investment or a more risky stock investment. Perhaps being in two minds about the direction a business or a career should take. Perhaps thinking about two or more job offers. Maybe two or three different possible business ideas. Might represent changing from one thing to the other. Selling one stock and buying another. Maybe selling one business to buy another one. Changing jobs. It could represent forming or changing opinions or attitudes with regard to something. Not necessarily business or finance. In a Cuppish context, perhaps trying to decide between two possible romantic partners.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Harmonious Change
Element: Earth
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Decan: Jupiter in Capricorn; December 22 – 30
Thumbnail Meaning: Stability within change, adaptation, juggling different responsibilities, flexibility.

The Two of Pentacles is a card of change––specifically, of a balanced response to change. It denotes a period of transition, especially in the material/visible world.

You might even call this card a card of evolution. How will you, your family, society or humanity adapt to coming changes? This card reminds you to stay balanced, even within chaos.

In many tarot decks, the Two of Pentacles is accompanied by some version of the infinity sign. This probably comes from the Golden Dawn’s description of this card:

TWO wheels, disks or pentacles, similar to that of the Ace. They are united by a green-and-gold serpent, bound about them like a figure of 8. It holds its tail in its mouth…It is a revolving symbol.

This green-and-gold serpent shows up in the Thoth tarot.

The two discs/pentacles are yin/yang symbols, indicating a balance between light and dark, feminine and masculine, and other dualisms.

This snake calls to mind Kundalini, the energy of the base chakra in yoga, which lies coiled at the base of the spine. Snakes are also associated with the Tree of Knowledge, in the Garden of Eden, and the phallus.

A snake eating its own tail, called an ouroboros, is an ancient symbol of the circle of life and perpetual change.

This card can refer to:

Harmony within duality, or between two polar opposites
Juggling commitments
Material change: new house, new job, new career
Serenity within difficulty

Twos are, generally speaking, very auspicious cards to draw. Most tarot decks emphasize some form of “harmony within duality” for all four. Too bad all changes can’t be stable and harmonious.

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