Two of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

two of swords tarot card meaning

Two of Swords


Pretending Everything’s Fine, Being Caught in the Middle of the Storm, Discipline, Inner Strength, Need to Make a Choice, Balancing Two Strong Ideas, Blinded so you don’t see the Facts, Blocked Off Emotions and Refuse to Feel them, Confusion, Balanced Force, Hiding Distress, Maintaining your Cool, Truce, Staying Stuck, Closing your Eyes to what’s Going on, Refusing to Look at Facts, Stalemate, Solving Differences of Opinion, In Need of Direction, We Think one way, but Feel another, Refusing to Decide, Indecision, Well Balanced Emotions are Needed, Choosing Not to Know, Not Knowing which Way to Go or what Decision to Make, Ignoring the Warning Signs,


The Confusion you have been feeling is Now Over, Choice has Been Made, Making Decisions, Action Begins Anew, Feeling and Thinking on the Same Level, Change, Knowing What is Going on., Knowing the Facts, Removing the Blindfold,

In the Negative aspects – (I perfer the I see the card in reverse)
Misleading Advice, Vulnerable to Misleading Information ,Deceit,Misrepresentation, False friends, Disloyalty, Lies, Loss of Balance, Not Knowing What to do Next, Confusion.

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Brianna Stoker

This card depicts a woman sitting on a bench by the side of a lake, her arms crossed across her chest, holding two swords. She is blindfolded, and just behind and on each side of her, jutting up out of the lake, are two rocks. The sun has gone down, and a crescent moon lights the scene. (Note that the gender of the person is irrelevant). The blindfold symbolizes inability to see in the sense of not being able to see a solution to the problem. The swords she is holding represent the two choices, but whichever choice she makes, the two rocks remain on each side of her. The Two of Swords represents being between a rock and a hard place, caught between two stools, between the devil and the deep blue sea. She is trapped, cornered, with her back against the wall. She seems to be in a no-win situation. Whichever choice she makes will be wrong. She is in a tragic predicament and she can see no solution. The image suggests stagnation, unable to break out of a trap. Although this card is in the suit of Swords, the choice being faced may not necessarily be swordish. Since conflict itself is a very swordey concept, the issue may well go outside of the sword arena. If the problem were a swordish one, it might mean making a choice between two religious faiths. Her fiance is a Catholic and her mother is a Bhuddist. Her prospective husband wants her to convert to Catholicism, but her mother insists that she mustn’t. Whichever choice she makes will be wrong. Perhaps she forced to choose between two academic subjects, neither of which she is good at. Obviously, the question posed, and the surrounding cards in the spread will indicate the type of conflict. If there are a lot of pentacles in the spread, then the conflict would be one of money, business, or planning and organizing. If lots of Wands, perhaps a problem in the home, to do with marriage, maybe whether to start a family. Surrounding cups would indicate an emotional, romantic, or artistic conflict. 2 of Swords-Reversed

The reversed card suggests a brave decision. Having the courage to make the choice despite the difficulty. It indicates breaking out of a trap. Finding a solution, although it may not be an easy solution. Up against the odds but finding a way forward.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Peace Restored
Element: Air
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Decan: Moon in Libra; September 23 – October 2
Thumbnail Meaning: Denial, stalemate, truce, temporary calm; peace at truth’s expense.

The Two of Swords brings to mind a line from Murder in the Cathedral: “Human kind cannot bear very much reality.” This card represents something avoided, especially to keep the peace.

This is not necessarily a negative card. It indicates calm within a conflict. This calm can lead to discussion, or give one time to regroup. At worst, a truce gives you time to prepare for the coming war.

In the image at right, the woman crosses her arms over her chest. She is blindfolded, and cannot see what she is guarding against. Even without the blindfold, holding two swords like that must be trying. How can she defend herself in that position?

In Robert M. Place’s Vampire tarot this card borrows symbolism from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It shows a bowie knife––used to stab Dracula through the heart––crossing a kukri, which cut off Dracula’s head.

Many cards in the Swords suit symbolize the conflicts of consciousness, which is ever reluctant to yield to stronger and more powerful parts of that which it is part of. For this reason, even the peaceful cards in this suit imply some unease.

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