Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning


two of wands tarot card meaning

Two of Wands


Strength of character, Patience, Success that has been achieved through hard work, Holding the world in your hands, Being able to achieve your goals, Creating your own style, Power and wisdom gained through experience, Waiting for news, Success that has been achieved through hard work, Willpower, will and courage in undertakings,


Losing Interest, Fear, Disillusionment, Difficulty with handling problems, Loss of faith in oneself, Restlessness, Trouble, Lack of Courage and Willpower, Impatience, Confusion,

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Brianna Stoker

This card depicts a figure standing on a battlement high up above a fertile valley. He is looking out toward the ocean, and in one hand he is holding a wand, in the other a globe representing the world. The other Wand is tied to the battlement. The Wand tied to the battlement represents the home, family, and prosperity that the querent has built up, or that is available to the querent. The Wand and the globe that he holds in his hands represent the choices that he faces. The Wand in his hand represents the querent’s home and family responsibilities, while the globe represents business responsibilities and pressures. The choice faced might be whether to devote more time to home and family, or to business. There may be a conflict between domestic responsibilities and career. Might be a husband or wife, who, due to a pressure of work, has little time to devote to family and children. The card may represent making a decision about whether to start a family, or whether to wait until more prosperity and wealth have been established. It may represent a choice between security and freedom. The Wand in the figure’s hand represents a secure relationship with a partner. Perhaps a comfortable relationship or situation which is not really satisfying the querent. The choice faced is whether to stay in the safe secure situation, or whether to take a risk and make a bid for something better or more satisfying. The card may represent a general conflict between security and risk. A choice of whether to give up a secure situation in order to get excitement and adventure. The card does not suggest major stress. In fact, quite the contrary may be the case. The querent has a happy secure family, and a good business, or secure job. It may be the case that the querent is faced with setting priorities. There is also a sense of success in the early stages. The querent is establishing a home and a career, and is managing to keep both home and career in a reasonable balance, though as the querent makes progress in life, pressures between security and risk, home and business/work will build up.

The reversed card perhaps suggests that home and work are out of balance. Whereas in the right-side-up card the querent is merely debating his options at his leisure, the up-side-down card suggests that home and work, security and risk are out of balance, and a choice is being forced on the querent. Pressure at work, stress in business are causing the querent’s private life, his home, his relationships to suffer. Alternatively, problems at home are causing him/her to neglect business or work responsibilities. An alternative interpretation might be that the querent is finding it difficult to establish himself. Slow progress in career and private life.

Tarot Goddess

Title: Lord of Peace Restored
Element: Fire
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Decan: Mars in Aries; March 21 – 30
Thumbnail Meaning: Willpower, fierceness, courage, resolution.

The Two of Wands represents great willpower and focused energy. It sugests potential for action, though not the action itself.

The figure at right has a commanding presence. He holds a globe in his right hand and a wand in his left. He wears a red robe––red being one of the colors of fire. He is a commanding figure. What does he command?

This is an oblique treatment of this cards’ themes. In some decks, such as the Thoth and Golden Dawn Magical Tarot, the image is suffused with reds, oranges and yellows. This comes, in part, from the Golden Dawn’s description of this card:

A white Radiating Angelic hand, issuing from clouds, and grasping two crossed wands. Flames issue from the point of junction. On two small wands above and below, with flames of five issuing therefrom, are the symbols of Mars and Aries for the Decan.

Twos represent balance, integration and harmony. In this card, the balance comes from inner focus and dominion over one’s own actions. It also suggests an ease in influencing others and exercising authority.

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