Venus In The 10th House

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I’m curious about how natal Venus in the 10th house of astrology is working out for others. I’ve never really been able to relate to this placement or tap into it (I’m a Leo with strong Mercury/Virgo influences, and it seems that Mercury/writing/communication have been strong themes).

However, my mother seems to have played out all the Venus in Cancer in 10th house themes — she’s a fantastic cook and professional interior decorator. Decorating, cooking, domestic things seem to elude me and aren’t of much interest.

Can a person be blocked in expressing 10th house energies (which are supposedly career-related)? (Venus is semisquare Sun and square Mars in my chart, but there are many sextiles and trines to other planets — Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune).

Venus in the 10th house now will energize this placement, so I’m interested in maybe consciously working with it.

So how is Venus in the 10th for you?

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