What am I supposed to do with the blank card that came with my deck?

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What am I supposed to do with the blank card that came with my deck? I know it sounds strange since it isnt included in the cards listed in the tarot but it made me curious anyways.

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You’ve got several options for that empty card, which printers throw in as a coverpiece, like the blank page at the front of a book.

1. Use it like the blank in a set of runestones, to represent an answer or an element that’s unknowable — for now.
2. Be artistic. Draw a picture of yourself on it, and use it for your significator.
3. If you don’t want to be artistic, tape or glue a photo of yourself to the blank side and use it for your significator.
4. Keep it blank, and use it as a significator when you read for other people.
5. Have your querents hold the card during the reading, as a focus for their nervous or spiritual energy.
6. Use it as a bookmark.

Now as for me I never really have put it in play with my tarot readings. I figure the deck creator choose to highlight the 78 cards for a reason both Minor and Major Arcana. Not that the question you stated is strange or anything, this to me is one of the first times i have heard someone wanting to put that card in play. If you want to be simplistic in your readings then shuffle and deal without using the blank card, if not they say variety is the spice of life and go ahead and add it. Reading the tarot should be a personal thing more so then a formula you follow on how to read the cards.

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