What are Considered your Spiritual cards?

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What are your spiritual tarot cards?

Insightful Answer:

Major Arcana are your Spiritual cards. These are the most powerful cards in the deck.  Although every card in the deck has a lesson from the Superior force. The Major Arcana cards have the most kick to them.  The name implies exactly what they are.  Spirit is your inner being. It is what causes us to react in the material world (or not to react in a lot of cases) Go back to those major arcana cards and study them also meditate on them. They are trying to communicate to you.  To help you along your journey.

Sometimes outside influences play a major role in our lives.  Sometimes they are positive and sometimes they are negative influences. Our families, friends, and work place are some of the places that the Celtic Cross calls “outside influences” or your “environment”

A good exercise to start doing is a daily card or a daily spread for each day it will help you learn the cards and get intouch with you Inner Self.

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