What can I do to improve as an Indigo Child as an Adult?

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Have you ever heard about indigo children? I found out recently that I am an indigo adult. I had already noticed that I had the characteristics of the indigo, but never took that seriously until my Reiki teacher told me I was indigo.

I have felt different from the others all my life and now I know why 🙂

But what was supposed to be a gift is becoming a problem. I have trouble in concentrating myself in my work and in finishing things. Apparently, that is a characteristic of the indigo. For example, I am a Beginner at Tarot, Reiki and Yoga and never had the discipline to evolute more 🙁 I feel frustrated, because I know that when I put my energy in only one direction, I move mountains!

I know this is something I have to work out myself, but I am not managing to do it. Does anyone feel the same as me? What can I do to improve?

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I looked at the characteristics of the Indigo child, and certainly have many of them myself even though I have worked hard to achieve a high level of learning in some arts and astrology, including some healing arts, etc….

It seems like a better understanding of how you think, see things, process information, etc, would be helpful. We all have very limiting filters we see the world through which has a major effect on what we do, how we do things, how we relate, etc………

I have been recommending a program called Holosync from Centerpointe (not the cut-rate company that is also advertising) for the last 6 months. They have CDs and also a very interesting series of lessons that I think would be helpful for anyone including Indigo children if you are willing to put some times into the lessons and do the “homework”. You do it at your own pace and it keeps stressing valuable information, has audio info and exercises, etc.

Excellent program and a great support system. They will break down payments for you somewhat and it isn’t that expensive for what you get anyway.

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