What is Shamanism?

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Shamanism is a deliberate effort to build up on-going relationships with private helping spirits by means of travelling in to realms in which the spirits live.

Shamanism is the way of seeing the nature of the universe in a way that includes the world of invisible Spirits. This world is where the spirits of  animals, deceased family members, the goddesses and gods, and the other spiritual beings live.

Shamans use altered consciousness so that they can send their spirits or souls into the spirit world to have direct experiences with particular spirits who become the friends, guides, guardians, instructors, and allies.

The reason shamans seek this contact with the spirit world is to gain   practical healing methods, wisdom, knowledge , and other vital information for the shaman’s personal benefit or the community which he serves.

A practice is simply something that one does, it is also something that one does with regular repetition to get improvement. Spiritual practices often share much in common: prayer, meditation, reading, study, support from other devotees, and the need for advice and direction from spiritual councilors. A spiritual practice also incorporates rituals and ceremonial activities. Some of these practices include fasting, making pilgrimages to holy sites, keeping vigils, lighting candles or sacred fires, burning herbs and incense, maintaining altars and shrines, engaging in various ascetic practices, and utilizing sacred tools or objects that maybe specific to each tradition.

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One time I met a native american shaman whom I believe to be one of my guides although I haven’t seen him since…he appeared in a dream about seven years ago. He was standing on a podium with his arms folded…he felt very intimidating and didn’t speak with his lips. In the dream I introduced him to my boyfriend at the time and asked if we were going to get married. He shook his head no and I remember asking are you sure he’s not the one? And he seemed to tell me no again, very adamantly but this time through his thoughts. I then woke up, very upset.

This dream was more than an answer, it was a warning. I had many warnings in dreams at that time but I didn’t listen. This guide never appeared again but I do wonder about him and who he is…

My other guide who has appeared very often (in my mind’s eye, usually when doing readings) was presented to me by a psychic in a chatroom many years ago. He is my grandfather on my dad’s side. He has never appeared to me in a dream, though.

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