What Is the Job Of The Tarot Reader?

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just wanted to know what is the job of the tarot reader, is it to simply read the cards or is it to read the cards and give advice to the querent?

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As in any job, the job of the reader is to function as a tarot reader. The job of a human being is to advise where needed. First and foremost you are a human being, who happens to be a tarot reader.

If advice is required as part of a reading, you may give the querant advice as appropriate to the situation. I advise you though, to find a way separate “advice” from the “reading” so the querant is not led to believe that your opinion is coming from the cards.

Legally though, tarot readers are considered “advisers” and there is no law against charging for our “advice”. Providing this advice does not require any special license.

I feel a tarot reader is kind of like a “spiritual” psychologist. When you read the cards for some one you are helping them understand certain paths they can take and what learning lessons they must accomplish. It is so important on a reader’s part not to impose any devastating,life shattering information. Will you see this kind of info in the cards? Yes, it will be how you phrase things or how you present this info to your client. We all have free will and ANYTHING is possible if people are willing to use their free will. Anything can be overcome good or bad. Never “predict” certain things illness for one. Always give a few encouraging thoughts and refer clients to professional help. This goes for legal matters as well. This is what a reader would refer to as a “Code of Ethics”

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