When you see something bad in the cards should you tell them?

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This is a variation on a familir theme of “to tell or not tell” better known as what to do with negative things. This was probably the first cardinal rule I learned in Tarot – worst case being revealing a pending death. There are exceptions to all these rules but generally one does not read for doom and gloom — at least I don’t.

When I see something negative in a spread I try to cast it terms of something of a challenge to overcome or something not to give in to, maybe a threat, but not necessarily a fact. I’ve never seen a death in a spread but if I ever did I might try casting it in terms of a possible health issue (e.g., go see a doctor) or safety issue (be careful driving, operating heavy equipment or engaging in outdoor recreational activities).

Have you ever had the experience of seeing something really bad and wishing in hindsight you had told the querent what you saw? Do you think it would have made any difference?

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This depends on what you would define as really bad, and it depends on the stability of the seeker, one has to be responsible not to frighten anyone….and then of course one has to be certain…..

on the other hand….if you mean have I doubled guessed myself when reading, then finding out later my first interp was correct but I witheld it for some reason, then yes, this has happened, but my belief is, we see and say what we are meant to at that time, anything else isn’t relevent or meant for either myself to see, or the seeker to learn….and to trust ones instincts, and that includes ignoring something if it dosn’t feel right….

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