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Tarot Advice


I have been clairvoyant all my life and have always used my gift to help people. For over 10 years I have specialized in general psychic readings using a person’s aura and tarot cards to help them deal with different situations in their lives. As a talented medium, I am also quite successful at helping people answer questions and get closure to things they never thought they would by communicating with those who have passed.


I was born into a psychic family. My grandfather was a spiritualist and psychic from the uk. I was drawn towards metaphysics from a very young age. I had a natural psychic ability and I am self taught in tarot, numerology, and astrology. I am intuitive, insightful, empathetic, and accurate in my readings. I have traveled throughout the united states and was raised in New York city and Chicago. In addition to psychic work I also work with adults as an educational and career consultant.


I am a Spiritualist…..expanding my scope of Communication & Creation through transformational training. My wisdom, through training and experience has allowed me to integrate my spirituality and transformational communication in creating every day powerfully….to step outside of my comfort zone, challenge myself, and truthfully begin living my life, and reinventing myself in every aligned opportunity……through Radical Self-Reliance….the Ultimate in One’s own Independence and True Will


My interest and passion for tarot cards started at a young age since then my family and friends consult me before doing important events in their lives. I started reading tarot cards in Puerto Rico and now I am in United States doing the same…helping people navigate life with some help and hope.


My Specialities Are Tarot Readings Tea Leaf Readings Psychic Advice,Seeing the Past as it was the Present as it Is and the Futrue as it will be.I’m also  a ,dream interpreter and medium I Provide the Best & Most accurate Psychic Readings My gift Is to Help Others In There Lives issues and controversies.


Since I was a teenager I had premonition dreams and a real interest in mystical subjects. Therefore, I decided to develop “my natural gift” with researches,studies and courses. Taking into consideration their upbringing,life experience and personality I like to help people making their own happiness and teach them how to be serene on a daily basis facilitating their life path.


Back in early childhood I started together with my family to discover the world of cartomacy, pendulum & astrology. I also experienced my first angel contact as a very young child already. After studying psychology at university, several years of working as a psychologist followed, providing classical psychological counseling. Through synchronicities in my own life did I come to angel literature, which lead me to undergo a spiritual & holistic study which subsequently truly showed me my spiritual life path as a lightworker again. Thus all the spiritual fields of knowledge formed a new foundation in my life. Classical psychological counseling for example opened up the door to spiritual counseling which always proves to show much more complex insights. My personal spiritual & holistic studies brought me also back to psychic card readings, angels, chakra & crystal work, astrology, reincarnation & past life regression, past life & karmic astrology, numerology & water crystals. Even nowadays I continuously carry on my studies in all of the above mentioned fields & more.


I was born into a family of tarotists, on both sides, so its not at all surprising that I would find myself in this field.I started getting premonitions at the age of 10 and have been doing readings ever since. My skills have been honed over the years,and I have studied under some of the greatest masters in this field.


I’m a tarot reader, clairvoyant, and medium who’s been reading for nearly a decade, providing people with insight into their love lives, careers, and spiritual growth. And you never know who might show up! A shamanic practitioner with experience working in Hoodoo, Santeria / Lucumi, Wicca, and Vodun, I’m well-versed in a variety of occult traditions. Part the veil with me and tap into the loving energies that surround you.

Astrology Advice


 I have been studying astrology for over 20 years. I have done natal charts with transiting planets and relationship charts. I have done psychic fairs, and have my own practice. have been helping people to improve themselves with my fast and accurate readings through all walks of life for over 17 years and have traveled the world to learn more about my gift and how to advise others on the ways to better view their lives as well as integrate my advice into the way that they live.


My life long dedication and education have provided various opportunities to make a difference, i.e., counselor for victims of rape and domestic violence, after-school center family counselor, reader for the first national psyche hotline, love and life counselor, psychic, self-empowerment coach, certified hypnotherapist, motivational speaker, and writer. My mission is to inspire, enlighten, and empower others to maximize their power and potential to create a better life, a better community, and a better world.


I started as a tarot card reader , but soon found out that my guardian angels and spirit guides make themselves known. I also am clairvoyant , clairaudiant , clairscientient . I am able to speak to those souls who have departed , if they wish. I have some knowledge of western astrology and numerology. I also help souls with confidence coaching , life coaching and spiritual psychology. I will help you understand that which is confusing you.


My training stems from the following- Diploma in Metaphysical Healing, I Ching, Runes, Dream interpretations, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Angels (earth and beyond), Chakra Healing, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Reiki Healing, Candle Magick, Colour therapy/Magick, Herbal Magick, Crystal Therapy/ Magick.


Spiritually focused astrologer and intuitive reader with over 20 years experience as a reader and teacher. We are all one and all paths and methods of divination and revelation are interconnected, which is why I have studied so many. My greatest gift is my ability to analyze a birth chart and see the whole person, thereby empowering the individual to live to their highest potential. Relationship readings are my favorite work.


I have been a professional astrologer for over 25 years. I am also a metaphysical teacher/lecturer. I enjoy assisting people in discovering and using their full potential for personal growth.


My mission is to be able to help people see a larger picture of growth and change in their lives by way of astrology. We can get caught up in the difficulties and details of day-to-day living that we find ourselves unaware of the power of joy in our lives. I work with the energies of joy and forgiveness and enjoy helping people to see that even in the darkest spaces joy and forgiveness will bring light and peace to a situation that may not have had resolution before for people and animals.


I have been psychic clairvoyant since the age of 16 and astrologist since my 30’s – and am now 50 years young! I work largely intuitively from your vibration which tells me much about you as a human being. My tools, however, are angel card readings but if the client would not like me to use them then that is their choice and I will simply work with them on whatever issues they may have and endeavor to help them, psychically, to look at any issues/problems they may have and deal with them in a gentle safe manner and overcome them under spiritual guidance.


I am a 3rd generation astrologist. Realizing that I had the gift at the early age of 12, I have spent my life working with my abilities to help others. I have a degree in Parapsychology, read Angel cards, past-life readings, and clairvoyance. Let me help you to communicate with the other side or help you get on your correct path.


an astrologer who has been practicing for more than fifteen years in this field. With the scientific background, she strongly believes in scientific approach in astrology. 

Psychic Advice


 From as early as three years old I was able to communicate with people who have crossed over. I have been able to use my psychic abilities to see, feel, taste, and hear past, present and future for both the living as well as for those who have passed regardless of how or when. Pet communication is another ability that I use and has become more evident as the days go on. I’ve learned over time and through my experience that Souls never die they continue onto the next phase of life whatever that may be. I believe that all people all over the world have psychic abilities; it’s called Intuition or Gut Instinct. Some people are born with it naturally where as others have to work at it a little bit more. I like to say to people that when we get a thought, a feeling, or a gut instinct…it’s whispers from God speaking to us and we all need to learn to take those thoughts and feeling to heart it’s God’s or the Universe’s way of helping and protecting us.


I have helped many people with my psychic abilities I have helped to guide them back to the path that was meant for them and clear their minds of stress I can answer all of your questions through love , marriage , business , money , health , friends and family 


Hello and welcome to all of you. We are all light beings and we have all come to earth to help her move into a higher vibration as we also change our own density to a higher level. WE ARE ALL LIGHT AND LOVE IS OUR SUN!!! I began receiving psychic messages when I was a small child, then at ten I received my first tarot deck and I learned about the power of the tarot, later I would learn more about the spirituality of the tarot and how to intertwine the science and the spirituality of it. When I was thirteen I was visited by three light beings. They took me to a place of light and showed me the earth and then they showed me the life stages of a butterfly and they said to me, NOW TEACH!!! And since the age of sixteen that is exactly what I have done. At 24 I went to college to study massage therapy and I fell in love all over again with healing and working with light and light beings. I have since received my reiki certification and a certification in hypnotherapy. It is my pleasure as well as my mission to help and heal as many beings as is needed. I come from a place of love and this is where I find my truths. This is also where I find commonality with my fellow light beings. With love always, many blessings to you.


I come from a lineage of spiritual and shamanic ancestors, and this innate wisdom has been passed to me, so I have a lot to draw from. I am considered north America’s wellness shaman for inner soul and outer being.
Together the mystical realm and the practical come together and bring solid advice for you helping you decide WHERE to focus your energies and creating your own personal alchemy and mastery for life. I have experience using this gift to help people for over 20 years professionally and all my life personally. It is my mission to positively affect the energy of others so that they may be inspired and guided by the spiritual counseling that is given.  I have many certifications in healing, wellness, stress management and metaphysical and spiritual arts. I have studied under the tutelage of many sought after teachers, and have many tools to use for guiding you on your journey.


I was born and left at the hospital and then adopted by an amazing couple when I was two. They realized I was gifted and so they encouraged me to develop a gift many of us are blessed with but not allowed to understand. By the time I was 6 I was talking to and learning from those who’d passed on. I’ve been giving readings in this manner for many years. I look forward to helping you.


PhD. in metaphysics. Have been channeling for many years, as well as doing psychic work. I am honored to be in service.
When you feel like you don’t know where to turn, in which direction to go, I can empower you to find your way, and to create the life that you desire. I can help to unblock your emotional wounds and learn to forgive and love yourself.


when I was 12 I found out I was a gifted 3rd genertaion psychic seeing dreams seeing visions led me into helping people from all walks of life .I have been giving advice for many years. I do tarot cards, also meditations. I have many years of experience in seeing the future and guiding relationships. 


I am an experienced and caring psychic reader proving competent and solution orientated readings with cards, angels, astrology and spiritual knowledge through claircognizance. The latter means in the clair-abilities ‘knowing’, with me receiving the knowledge through my thoughts. The main card deck I use are the Lenormand cards. But I also follow my intuition in using my other divination tools like other cards e.g. Oracle cards, Angel of Light cards, Archangel cards, Kipper cards, Gypsy Fortune Telling cards, Triangle of Life cards, water crystal cards but also the pendulum.


Over 20 years experience . I noticed my empathic and intuitive skills at a very young age . ..From there gave readings to friends and locally at my home, worked for many well known psychic lines , developed my own psychic phone line and website. High – repeat clientelle . I use my own abilities of clairvoyance and clauradience to connect and find the answers you seek. I am a full-time psychic doing extensive readings in my home,by phone and on the internet.


I’m a clear intuitive guide and counselor. I attune to your energy can assist you in seeing what is present in your life as well as what is coming in your future. I communicate with my guides as well as your guides to receive information. I utilize a variety of oracle decks as well. I work with you to identify your goals as well as what blocks you from achieving them. I assist you in locating, healing and releasing emotional and mental blocks in your mind, body and energy. Using energy healing techniques and emotional release work, together we work to eliminate those blockages so that you can achieve the life of your dreams.

Numerology Advice

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