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The Wild Unknown Tarot is a great deck and certainly worth the cost. Also, you’re supporting an independent artist when you buy the deck, and that team self-publishes the decks, which is why the deck is more expensive. I’m okay with supporting an artisan, and I know that deck will provide a lot of unique insight in years to come.

If you’re used to Rider-waite imagery this deck might be a bit difficult to use, at least at first. I just use the meanings sheet that came with the deck when I use it for readings. I only use it for myself or for email readings where I can use the meanings sheet and not feel bad about that. This deck gives great readings, straightforward, to the point. I like it a lot. It’s just not quite as intuitive for me to use as other decks. Not a problem, it just is.

I bought the first edition deck only. Then the app came out and I bought that for about $4 I think. The app gives more info than the meanings sheet that comes with the deck. I’m thinking it might be the book meanings. I feel comfortable having done that. I was told the book wasn’t that great so I opted not to get it especially considering it is $20. The deck plus the expanded meanings in the app work just fine for me.

I am waiting on the second edition until the mass market version comes out in October.

I have it and it is “THE” deck for me, after a lifetime of searching for the one… This is it. I am an animal person, and this deck portrays them in their true light, dignified and natural, nothing contrived or disneyfied about these individuals. Their energy is palpable in the images and has been captured perfectly in its raw state. It’s a deck that lends itself well to an intuitive style of reading, and has for me brought about some surprising insights into many situation

Okay, I covet the deck so much and do want the card stock of the second edition (which is only going to be available until August) so went directly to the website and bought the deck only for $40, plus $6 standard shipping. That I can live with. Thanks so very much for everyone’s input!

I have a first edition and the book, but haven’t used it much yet. Based on the RWS, but with differences… If you have an android phone you can buy the app which has all the info of the book for a much more affordable price. Enjoy!

Wow. Just got my wild unknown tarot and book Thursday. It’s awesome. I’d already highly recommend it, it’s expensive as far as sets go but my fears of it not being worth it were completely subsided once I opened it. Really every detail with the set; packaging, card quality, the aura of the cards(which very few decks I’ve ever purchased had such a powerful one), art, and the book are totally worth it.

I adore this deck…immediate reaction when I saw the images, one of those gut reactions. Reads in an amazing eloquent, simple way for me….every aspect about the deck & book…down to the box…to…everything is top notch (cardstock is bliss!) …can’t praise it enough, if you have that visceral gut reaction…make sure you get this deck now before its gone and you can’t get it. Worth every penny…and I was literally broke for 2wks cuz I splurged on the deck.

It arrived this week… I have fallen in love and know beyond any doubt I’ve found my perfect “the one” deck. I have such an emotional reaction to the images. I am very much an animal person and can “feel” the animals in the images clearly which lends itself to intuitive reading wonderfully . Wonderful deck.

The quality of the deck itself is superb..gorgeous sumptuous cardstock…love how it feels in the hand, the weight….also the box is stunningly beautiful, an extremely well done self-published deck IMO, one of the best i have owned. It’s more than worth the price!

Oh god love it, have it for two years now paid 50€ for it (my most expensive deck ever ahaha) love the card stock, very strong and I do rifle shufling. I do not own the guidebook and I do not need it for understanding the deck messages but I would like to know the reason behinf some of kim krans choices for the ilustrations. Like the magician card, it depicts a leopard. Why the leopard? I discovered that in ancient egypt the leopard was conected to Seshat, goddess of math, write and astronomy and that she was the female counterpart of Thoth/roman Mercury the deity normaly associated with the magician card. Another example is why a tiger in the high priestess? I discovered that the japanese word for tiger is tora, it makes me think on the classical torah that the waite high priestess holds in her lap. This can be some coincidences but were funny to discover. Is an amazing deck and you certainly do not need to have its guide book to have some fun with it.

I bought this deck, and I love it… But I don’t use it, because I don’t want it to get messed up! I’m going to wait until the mass produced version comes out in October, and work with that one instead. I got the guidebook also, but my experience has been- for the few times I did pull cards- that the meanings in the guidebook often had a more ‘negative’ connotation than what I actually FELT, so I tend to not use it and just rely on my gut impression.

This is my favourite deck too, but to say we had an ignominious start together would be an understatement! I really didn’t like it to begin with but have grown to love it. The somewhat sparse symbolism just seems to allow more room for my intuition to come through.

Questions and Answers:

QIf you have the Wild Unknown Deck, how do you get on with the shuffling, does it ruin the quality of the cards after a while?
Do you have a spare for that reason? Do you have the guide book? And if you do how do you find it information wise?

A:  My Wild Unknown (1st edition) has done great with shuffling. I see no issue with it that any other deck wouldn’t have with heavy use. The 2nd edition I have not handled nearly as much, but I have handled it enough to know that it is not as robust

A:This is one of my favorite decks. I found it at Urban Outfitters and bought it on a lark. When I got home and opened it I was floored. I wanted to handle it with kid gloves but it screamed to be used (and then usually screamed at me when I used it) and I never thought to buy a second copy. It’s much thicker than most and I love the matte feel, I have used it a lot and it still looks brand new. The cards are still stiff. I riffle shuffle and I do riffle those but I always end up finish shuffling a different way out of impatience so I’ve yet to soften the cards up. The finish keeps them easy to clean, none are stained or dirty. I bought the second edition and it is thinner, I even trimmed the borders on a whim and I am using the second edition more just to help preserve my first edition, but when the reading is for myself I will always go back to my stiff, unyielding work horse of a deck.

Q: For those who read with it, or own both editions; do you prefer the first or second edition over all?

A: I have the second edition and I love it! I am so glad I got the updated box, I like it much better than the first edition box!

A:  I own a couple of both editions, but actually prefer the second one after getting it. I love the new backs and I do prefer the new images too.

A: Oh my god I’m so excited. I layed my hands on a first edition Wild Unknown Tarot. It had been on my wishlist for ages. I just always kept pushing it asside because of the high shipping costs from the US. When the news came out it was running out of stock I thought, I’ll get the second edition no problem. But then I saw there were some changes, especially the back of the cards. I don’t like the new backs as it does remind me of a snakeskin and I’m kind of affraid of snakes… So I started looking around in agony but the prices for the first edition were already doubled at least. I finally found a copy at Bona Drag for 40 USdollars and now it just came in.

Q: Does The Wild Unknown tarot deck come with a LWB or do you have to buy it separately?

A: It comes with a sheet that has meanings on it, you can purchase the little white book with the meanings on their website, or download the tarot app for android and iphone that has the meanings in it as well.

Q: Is it a hard deck to understand or get use too?

A:  Some cards within WU took me a few times to master because they look so different but with this deck there is an emotional depth that is unusual. I feel it’s like learning a new language you struggle a bit and have to think a bit then all the sudden it just clicks and you realize that you’re brain just processed things automatically that you had to think before. I think the new images seem to expand my understanding of the card but by giving nuance and adding a layer to what we already know. For example, I love 5 of cups in this deck because I think it really conveys the emotional tone in a way that I have rarely seen for this card in other decks. I also love 7 of wands in this deck because this image added this emotional nuance of feeling alone within the defense that just really worked for me. Some decks I can’t transition to, like thoth and I’m just like, yuck, Sorry thoth lovers lol. Gaian was also like that which surprised me.

Q: Normally I can reel in my intuition, and just read the cards as they lay. But with this deck, it is 100% intuition and I can’t contain how it pulls me in. I was practicing on someone who wanted to argue with my interpretation since it wasn’t ‘textbook’, but I couldn’t even think of the learned meanings….I have never had this happen with any other deck. Has anyone else had strong experiences with this deck?

A:  It’s a deck that’s been integrally designed and created, so it has a heart, unlike a lot of what I would call ‘put together’ decks. When someone has a vision and honours it, as here, users are bound to feel the difference.


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The quality of the deck itself is superb..gorgeous sumptuous cardstock…love how it feels in the hand, the weight….also the box is stunningly beautiful, an extremely well done self-published deck IMO, one of the best of ’12. It’s more than worth the price! illustrated by Kim Krans


I’ve found a couple of pics on line and visualized with them. The Hierophant and Heel of Fortune. I can’t wait to get my hands on the pack. The bat does look interesting and so does the 7 and 9 of swords.

Katy June

This is my favourite deck, it speaks to me like no other! I can’t recommend it enough!!!

I love the soft colors, with bolder touches and a beautiful elegant simplicity that I was drawn to instantly in the Wild Un known. I connected immediately with the Illuminati and the this deck for different reasons.

is 100% my favorite tarot deck of this year.

Christina Lee

I really like it! I like that there aren’t any humans in it and that it’s a well thought-out and beautifully executed deck.

I have it but have not had a chance to use it much yet. What I can say about it is that it is very well made with nice heavier cardstock. It has a wonderful feel to it with a better quality box. To me, there is nothing worse than a nice deck packaged in a flimsy box. Some people might say, “Who cares about the packaging,” but I figure if you care enough to make a nice deck, you should present it in something that protects your cards. Anyway, this isn’t a problem here at all. “The Wild Unknown Tarot” has covered it all and I love the backs of the cards as well!

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