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Reviews of this deck:

 I think it’s a very interesting and exciting take.john Matthews and mark Ryan have done an excellent job in conceptualising the wild green spirit. I like Wil Worthington’s art very much, and my only real quibble is with the keywords – and once you’ve trimmed the borders that ceases to be a problem.

I’ve been using the Wildwood Tarot lately. I am very happy with the results. It is a great story teller and speaks to me quite clearly. This is a surprise to me since I don’t generally have much interest in woodsy, earthy decks. I like the artwork in this one and the book is quite interesting and informative. I might suggest it too someone new to reading tarot but not liking the looks of the Waite decks or the complexity of the Crowley Thoth. It also offers plenty of interest to the more experienced reader.

I love this deck. You can never go wrong with a deck by Will Worthington! The authors are John Matthews and Mark Ryan. John is a expert on British mythology, and Mark is not only an expert, but a participant – he played Nasir in the brilliant 1980’s BBC Robin of Sherwood series. This deck breathes magick. You won’t be disappointed.

love it for its energy and imagination. I adore Worthington’s art and Mark Ryan and John Matthews have incorporated some great concept. One thing – it’s a much better deck without the borders.

The only thing I really have against this deck is the Keyword. Why couldn’t they have been satisfied giving us the card name and let us make our own conclusions. It’s really hard not to be influenced by it being on the card and read without it.

I love it, both the artwork which is wonderful, and the changes to some of the card meanings (if you read the book!), which makes it thought provoking and brings new ideas to my reading generally. It’s quickly become one of my favourite decks, although I haven’t yet used it with a client!

I had it, but sold it. I loved the artwork, and the new names in the majors gave some interesting insights. However I could not get used to the bows and arrows thing. Also the court cards (which I already find hard to read) were too tough for me.

Have it, like it. Words on cards don’t bother me after a bit I don’t really see them anymore. Something isn’t quite sitting right with me and I haven’t been able to put my finger on that yet, but I do like it, I just don’t love it. To date, no deck has been able to surpass the Druid Craft for me.

I love this deck but having the same trouble as you. Thought maybe the deck was too advanced for me at the moment? I don’t understand the book fully either. I’m keeping it for now until I’ve got the time to learn the cards like I didn’t the traditional ones

It’s my go-to deck right now. I find it incredibly intuitive, much more so than the RWS. The fact that it is a fresh perspective on tarot is what makes it more intuitive – one needs to release oneself to the deck in order to access it’s knowledge.

This deck is wonderful. I’ve seen the app and it’s nice, but I prefer the deck. The ONLY downside is some of the key words like “exploitation” on the 6 of Stones. But it’s not enough to pose a major issue for me, and the quality and soul of the deck far outweighs those trivial little things. That and I wish the card stock were a bit more supple. They are not thin at all, but they’re a little stiff. So if you like the app you should adore the deck. I also love the way it follows the Wheel of the Year. And I personally enjoy the animal Court Cards, because it’s another lovely layer of meaning (and I like working with animal energy as well, anyway).

I just got this deck and I love it. In the morning I pull one card for study and reflection. I’m using the wonderful companion book and the messages have a lot of depth and wisdom. There is a timeless, primal quality about the Wildwood.

 I used to have the Wildwood deck, and found the white borders with keywords at the bottom very distracting during a reading. As much as I loved the artwork, they got in my intuition’s way. I tried trimming them off, but sadly, the deck didn’t survive to be used as a reading deck. Now it is used for bookmarks, sacred artwork, and tags/flaps in my Scrapbook of Shadows. So it lives on in my practices, just not as a divination deck.

I love the wildwood. Its so easy for me to read and connect with and it’s beautiful art work. It has so much to tell you while reading and yet every time you use it you’ll discover something new with it. I find that depending on the person you’re reading for it shows you different things you never noticed before about the card. Its awesome. It was my first deck this past Dec and I have been reading with it ever since.

Must admit to being disappointed with it – to the extent that it has been on long term loan from fairly soon after i got it when it first came out….recently i have had the urge to have another go with it but think i will have to buy another copy as my friend has now developed a deep connection to the original copy which i don’t want to interfere with!

QuestionS and Answers:

Q:  is this available as a tarot app?

A: yes it is 🙂 both for android and Iphone users.

Q: is the app worth getting?

A:   I have it on my iPad and love it! I think it is one of the best tarot apps ever. The cards are crisp and clear, easy to turn over, meaning plus a link to the meaning in the book, which comes with it, loads of spreads and various ways to shuffle the cards. Daily card pick. You even have a wide choice of spread cloths to choose from. All in all, brilliant!

A: just added the app for the Wildwood Tarot to my iPad and it is amazing. I already have the cards/book, but was thrilled to see it available for iPad and love it! Everything is so easy to use and the cards are so crisp and gorgeous looking. I love having the choice between various spreads, readings, daily card, single card and the reading cloths! And the book, as well as meanings. A

Q: who has played with The Bow Spread in it? I can’t do this spread without the book, just now…. I’m not too comfortable with the way it jumps around. Any one else having this issue?

A:   I have the deck, but tend to make up my own spreads. I do think some are unnecessarily complicated in their layout! I need to keep it simple.

Q: does this deck have a facebook group?

A: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wildwoodtarot/

Q: a purchased this deck but the card stock wasn tthat great, what should i do?

A: You may have picked up a bad copy. I’ve seen many of them obviously and use one all the time and the cards never flaked or cracked.  I would suggest writing to the publisher and asking for a replacement.

Q: It seems to be definitely more for the shamanic path?

A: I think it works well for everyone (well, you know, anyone who likes nature, or environmentalism, or shamanism, or “first cultures,” or just Will Worthington’s artwork)

Q; anyway to speed the learning up since the meanings dont follow the traditional rider waite?

A: I started reading the book and there is a brilliant quote in there: “Read the book, mediate with the cards, then put the book away and do your own thing!” I’m at the read the book stage, meditations to commence soon, really looking forward to meditating.

Q:  I have been pondering my Wildwood Tarot. While I get all the majors and the minors, I am sort of stumped by the court cards. I am usually ok with these in other decks. I think the animal thing is throwing me off. So, how are you looking at these? Are you looking at them as almost separate animal totem cards, or are you trying to fit them within the parameters of the standard court card?

A:  Interpretation of court cards have no limits or rules. You see and interpret them as they are. I suggest that you find keywords, archetypes and apply them to the courts. But most importantly, interpret them however you feel confident.

A: Both! I figure they chose these critters for a reason, in some way they highlight the court characteristics. They are not random cute critters. If you look at them at what they are doing, then look up animal symbolism, you will find so pretty cool aspects in common, which means you got them in the first place. So far the court critters for me, are emphasising a common court perception of that card.

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Becky Rodriguez

Wildwood is based on The Wheel of the Year and does not have any association with Hebrew letters. The deck is new to me and is very different from the other decks I have used. I like the deck a lot but it will take me some time to get used to using it.

You can find the creators of the deck and the illustrator on YouTube and they go into some detail as to how and why they created the deck.

    Becky Rodriguez

    I will be needing to learn more about the wheel of the year as well then it seems.. yeah there is much to learn with this deck it is very different from the standard tarot deck. Beautiful deck but certainly challenging…! Should be a fun journey tho… Will see what I find on my own on Facebook and YouTube on the deck…. Thanks for all your help and wisdom..

Becky Rodriguez

I too purchased the Wildwood deck(last year). Bought it; played with it; enjoyed the artistry; and, haven’t used it since. But, I’m glad to have it!

Becky Rodriguez

I have ordered, but have not received yet, the deck, which I am really looking forward to working with. I understand that the Court cards are animals instead of people. I am an animal/nature person so I shouldn’t have a problem with that. I have not turned my back on any of them but I use the Rider-Waite deck the least.

Becky Rodriguez

IM pretty much in love with this tarot deck, it is in my top 10 that i use for sure.

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