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 I have the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan as an app and explored it. Liked the guidebook, do not love the images as photo realism art just is not my thing so tend to not get those kind of decks for that reason. I will be getting either the Green Witch Tarot or the Everyday Witch Tarot (to be published in 2017) as the art and decks better appeal to me personally. However, I do like some of Ellen Dugan’s books, so for me, it was truly that the art just did not appeal to me, and I am getting my needs meet on this particular deck through the app and enjoyed exploring it, I really had no desire to get the actual deck or go any further with it. However, that does not mean that the art or the deck is not perfect for you, and so use your own discernment about that.

ome of the artwork is outstanding although the quality starts to fall with some of the later suit cards as if the artist is tiring and pushing close to a deadline. One of the most striking and thought provoking cards is XIII – Death. The invincible Angel of Death rides out, but his mission of doom is paused on the road by the most astounding sight of a child offering him a bunch of posies.

Nice deck. Very oriented to feminine/goddess energy and the Wicca tradition. Deck is almost photorealistic. Her interp of some of the traditional RWS pip scenes is interesting. The book definitely helps because she added a lot of nice touches from the Wiccan grimoire…subtle symbols such as different types of flowers on particular cards that each have a esoteric/symbolic meaning. I do not use it much, but when I do it reads well for me.

I have the Witches Tarot by Ellen Duggan and love it. The images are deep and colorful. I like it mainly for meditating and not necessarily reading.

Beautiful cards but the only disappointing fact is that the cards are not too heavy cardboard for daily usage.. sure hate very thin cardboard in Tarot cards but the art is super. It was an impulse purchase at Barnes and Noble after being angry for other events not relate with the cards, so yes these cards will have that memory to go with it.

I have it and I’m just working my way through the book. I really like the deck images (even though I’m not normally a fan of this sort of artwork) and I’m sure I’m going to have a very positive relationship with it in the future! The card quality isn’t as bad as a couple of decks I’ve bought recently, but as you say, it’s a shame it’s not a little sturdier

The Witches Tarot photographs well for email readings, and the symbolism is easy enough for a beginner. I like that the wands and swords follow the traditional system.

I  attended a workshop Ellen did about reading her cards and they seem to pack a powerful punch. The images are amazing and intuitively can strike a chord. I say, go for it.

I’ve the first printing of this deck and it’s a bit sturdier than its current release. That being said, I love the lush colors and imagery. I’ve used it several times, but not regularly. The only card I find that bothers me is the tradition Devil card which has been turned into The Horned God/One. While I completely understand the reason for this, it just departs a bit too afar from the range and scope of the Devil meanings I find helpful. Horned God/One seems to limit or narrow the wider range of the Devil card as I use it THAT being said, it’s one SEXY card!

I use it and it is my favorite (i have 5 decks only but still haha). It was love at first sight lol 2h searching for a deck the second I saw this one I ordered it. Its perfect for those familiar with pagan symbolism. And the art is beautiful. It is balanced too (the color). Neither too dark nor to bright. Its a good deck to have – even if you don’t use it often

I have them and I really like them. The book that comes with them is fabulous the artwork is beautiful. My go to deck is Pagan tarot but Ellen’s deck is a really close second


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It’s out of print but I also like The Witches Tarot by Ellen Cannon Reed. As a sequel to the deck and book set, Ellen also provides the reader with a good introduction to Kabbalah and how they are depicted in her deck… The Witches Qabala

Matt Norris

Actually, I’m not as fond of the artwork as I am of, say, the Hanson- Roberts or the Rider Waite decks. I’m more of a drawing person instead of a weird-life-like kind of art person.

The major arcana isn’t too out there or unconventional…well, then again, maybe it is. Some of the cards are much like the Rider-Waite cards–for example, the fool still has a guy walking around with a bag, the magician still has a guy in ceremonial robes in front of an altar with the four tools. There are some differences…Temperance isn’t the angel pouring water from one cup to another, in Reed’s deck it is a lady at a cauldron…an eagle coming to her on one side and a lion on the other.

The minor arcana is much more different than most Rider-based decks. I think I could use this deck separately from other tarot decks–in other words, I’d have to be in a different interpretation mindset. I almost don’t consider Reed’s deck a tarot deck–more like a Kabbalah deck.

Her books are still good for a general understanding of the kaballah. And I think you could easily see how the major arcana fit in–no matter what deck…

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